After the typhoon passed by. . .


Japan is a country with many disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions.



The other day, a typhoon that was as slow as the bicycle passed through Japan
Current Osaka is very sunny but it has returned to its original heat (sweat)
The typhoon brings a lot of damage, but on the other hand there seems to be a rumor that it will get rid of the evil gathered with a strong wind.



Too much hot and change ice cream for a change …
The ice to eat between time is the best! !
There are many kinds, but I love Haagen Dazs, really it was good chocolate but sold out and it was inevitable to make it strawberry today.



But it is delicious! !  でも、美味しい!!



By the way, when I have a cold in the midwinter there is a time when I want to eat ice cream as aggressively.
I think it is probably because the whole body is getting hot with heat, how about everyone? I might feel delicious to eat in winter than summer …(^^)



After all, it seems that the air is somewhat clear after the typhoon passes by, but I do not care …





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