First time in 2 years Omiwa Jinja



The maximum temperature in Osaka today is 37°C.
Even if the wind blows, I am coming with the heat that I think is a hair dryer.

However today, I got up at 5 o’clock and went to Omiwa Ginja to leave the house at 6 o’clock in the morning. Why do you keep in mind in the morning, it is said that the air of change is flowing through the whole until 9:00 am and after that it changes to steady air.






This is a ginja that has been indebted to us for years, and it is a very solemn atmosphere, but God will welcome you very gently.
Until now, when visiting a solo traveler, moving a house, and starting something new, I was always visiting worshipers for sure, but this time I am a little different because there was a little lost about the future direction I visited you after a long absence.



Perhaps I chose an early time in the morning, maybe there is frustrity of wanting to change something.




Omikuji was “Sukichi”. I thought … somehow I felt that way.
To make it easier to understand, it was that you live yourself without being deceived by what people say, and that you care about yourself carefully without being distracted by sweet words.
I feel that this is a very advice for me to be sure very well.

おみくじは「末吉」でした。やはり…  何となくそんな気がしていました。


Actually, I used Ameblo(Japanese domestic blog) until now, but recently everyone was the same, everyone was having a sense of incompatibility in the tide and it got tired of the absence of individuality, so I jumped out and reached this blog That’s why.



So I think that I like my favorite hobby including work and I like it a lot.



Ah! And English is still bad, so I have to work hard from now.




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  1. Nalikolehua says:

    はじめまして😊 WordPressそれにInstagram でも繋がっていただき、どうもありがとうございます💗スピリチュアルジャーニーの新しい章を歩みはじめられたみたいですね✨そんなタイミングでの出会いに感謝いたします!

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    1. lanature76 says:


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