Order items from customers

I wanted to make the same brooch by seeing my web shop so I received an order from a friend. Since each other’s house is not far away, I wanted to order directly. I love this perfume bottle brooch and I was happy!

When I made it in a pleasant mood and sent it the other day, my friend was very satisfied and thought of various clothes and bags.
I am very excited to see her happy.


It is a small brooch, but since it uses color with impact, it will not be buried.
Even with a similar design, changing the atmosphere just by changing colors is fun.



This is the first design and cherries …
Slim and stylish cherries are also good, but dare to make plump cherries. Is it attractive and cute?
It looks cute, but since it spreads Swarovski all over it is very shining. I am sorry that I could not express well in the picture.


I have done a lot of numbers since I began handmade, but I realized that the accuracy has definitely improved and I appreciate being able to continue for a long time.

And creation will continue from now on. . .