Works I have created so far


The current hot weather in Japan is not extraordinary, and as humans add moisture to heat and many people are transported to hospitals due to heat stroke, I must also be careful.

Talking about …
I have been preparing accessories for about 2 years, but at the beginning I was very nervous and the time to put a stone on special clay was trembling.
I do not know how many items I have created since I got used to it as I created some pieces.

2017-04-02 21.22.04

This is a part of the work we created initially. It is reflected in this work that I was able to make it very fun without getting used to it.
Since the jewel ball is a sphere, the balance is very difficult, but the finish is very beautiful ☆☆☆

Despite being nervous, works desperately created have a strong feeling and still use it carefully Swarovski of sparkling is very active even if clothes are simple.
Of course it does not forget brooches that set free without foundation!

2017-02-22 10.27.462017-02-11 09.21.33

Such an image …


Originally I thought that I would like to make my own small web shop, but it really opened momentum. Thank you very much though it is open shortly. I think that the action power has increased considerably due to the trip alone to London that I wrote in the previous article.Etsy, please do it.

Fun creation will continue from now on …