A trip of tension and excitement alone, reminiscence

Hello everyone.

It seems that Japan will fall in the summer and it will be too hot, but I manage to hold on.

This time I will write about what I traveled in London before.

Every day the same thing repeats, it is happy but something is missing. . .
Such memories days passed.
I have been traveling abroad several times so far, but I have never been to the European region. There is no direct flight to experience from transit from Kansai Airport to London.

There was also a way to change transit in the country, but so I decided to change transit at a foreign airport not in Japan. I am thrilled anymore!
Of course, things have progressed smoothly and finally arrived at Heathrow Airport
Finally when I stepped on the land of England I was desperately suppressing my excitement.

It was around 19 o’clock in the evening that we finally arrived at the hotel after checking in for a long row of immigration. Because I was around 3 o’clock in the morning when I was in Japan, I was so sleepy that I could collapse.
I went to bed early for sightseeing the next day.

Actually, I was very excited about the reunion after a long absence with a friend I already met in Japan in London. I have heard lots of stories about daily life and living in London but I was surprised at the difference with Japan.
I went to the London Bridge and Borough Market where a very sad incident happened recently that the story went for the first day.

Anyway, it was like walking a lot of distances and my feet became sticks, but I felt like the atmosphere of the city of London anyway in a blink of an eye.
I love Organic’s Neil’s Yard and I am thrilled with the flag shop in front of me!



Many soaps and dried flowers were sold at this shop.



Although it is persistent, it is the moment when I was sure that I had already arrived absolutely in London on the second day of arrival. Again the main place is on. Old historical buildings were many and it was a very nice landscape.



The British Museum was so wide that it was difficult in a day to go around to see the whole.




In Buckingham Palace’s guard change ceremony, a soldier sits right in front of you!
Wow, that is amazing!




I also took a subway tube, but the front of the second floor of the bus has a nice view and comfortable.


I stayed in London for only 5 days but it was very fulfilling for me.
The fact that there has been a change in ourselves a bit in the past 5 days is more active than ever and it has a lot of excitement, which is quite useful for our daily lives.

To the contrary, I regret a bit that my English skill is poor so it was difficult for me to have a good conversation. So I am currently studying English though it is now.

Sometimes a travel alone is lonely, but I think it is a good opportunity to look at myself. Although it is a very long distance from Japan, I definitely will try my best to go to London.