Arrange and also to the interior

My brooches are not used when reformed, but there are a lot of unique and cute designs that you can use everyday feel free to feel like a patch.

Besides clothes, I can use it in combination as I like bags and caps, so it’s a lot of fun. I am wearing a lot of brooch randomly on a basic and simple back.

Of course also for clothes …


Although it can be casually wearing with casual feeling, it is very fashionable with a sense of luxury with the glow of Swarovski.

It is a lot of fun to reproduce things you carefully watch casually in accessories.


You can also arrange the interior of the room with my favorite design.


When it reflects on the light of the room it glows shining and it is so beautiful that my eyes will surely turn there.

Everything is very concentrated during creation, but when you see the finish, the fatigue blows away at once and makes you smile unexpectedly.

The creation will continue from now on …