I introduce myself


Hello everyone!

I am creating high quality accessories using Swarovski and special clay. Design is handling unique and cute works.

I making a broach which can be used mainly as a patch sense, but I also make interior goods by arranging it.

Recently I opened wish webshop with etsy so please take a look.

The main work is an office worker, I started making this accessory for 2 years ago because it was a hobby but it was a shop made with the thought that I want to see more people as I make various works .

The point of creation uses many popular and bright ambience colors that make people who use it excited or willing to do it.

I’m thinking of increasing the repertoire little by little, so please do your best.     And occasionally I will also write personal content.

Thank you





  1. msarora says:

    Very creative work….

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    1. lanature76 says:

      happy! Thank you very much.


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