Works I have created so far

Works I have created so far

The current hot weather in Japan is not extraordinary, and as humans add moisture to heat and many people are transported to hospitals due to heat stroke, I must also be careful.

Talking about …
I have been preparing accessories for about 2 years, but at the beginning I was very nervous and the time to put a stone on special clay was trembling.
I do not know how many items I have created since I got used to it as I created some pieces.

2017-04-02 21.22.04

This is a part of the work we created initially. It is reflected in this work that I was able to make it very fun without getting used to it.
Since the jewel ball is a sphere, the balance is very difficult, but the finish is very beautiful ☆☆☆

Despite being nervous, works desperately created have a strong feeling and still use it carefully Swarovski of sparkling is very active even if clothes are simple.
Of course it does not forget brooches that set free without foundation!

2017-02-22 10.27.462017-02-11 09.21.33

Such an image …


Originally I thought that I would like to make my own small web shop, but it really opened momentum. Thank you very much though it is open shortly. I think that the action power has increased considerably due to the trip alone to London that I wrote in the previous article.Etsy, please do it.

Fun creation will continue from now on …




After all it is fun to create accessories!

After all it is fun to create accessories!


I think I will write an English blog which is not very good today.
I talked about last time, but since you just started studying, please acknowledge it.

Up to now I have created a lot of perfume bottles, but this time I made it with high heels design. I do not wear a colorful heel so far, but because it is a corner, it is colorful and cute color scheme that stands out.


It is still planned to sell at Etsy after processing it into a bag charm in the middle stage.
My work is based on the motto of creating such a work that seems to be exciting just by using it although there are few basic things.



I recently look forward to arriving because I recently ordered a slightly unusual material and I am excited about it from now on. So please take care of these cute kids.



A trip of tension and excitement alone, reminiscence

A trip of tension and excitement alone, reminiscence

Hello everyone.

It seems that Japan will fall in the summer and it will be too hot, but I manage to hold on.

This time I will write about what I traveled in London before.

Every day the same thing repeats, it is happy but something is missing. . .
Such memories days passed.
I have been traveling abroad several times so far, but I have never been to the European region. There is no direct flight to experience from transit from Kansai Airport to London.

There was also a way to change transit in the country, but so I decided to change transit at a foreign airport not in Japan. I am thrilled anymore!
Of course, things have progressed smoothly and finally arrived at Heathrow Airport
Finally when I stepped on the land of England I was desperately suppressing my excitement.

It was around 19 o’clock in the evening that we finally arrived at the hotel after checking in for a long row of immigration. Because I was around 3 o’clock in the morning when I was in Japan, I was so sleepy that I could collapse.
I went to bed early for sightseeing the next day.

Actually, I was very excited about the reunion after a long absence with a friend I already met in Japan in London. I have heard lots of stories about daily life and living in London but I was surprised at the difference with Japan.
I went to the London Bridge and Borough Market where a very sad incident happened recently that the story went for the first day.

Anyway, it was like walking a lot of distances and my feet became sticks, but I felt like the atmosphere of the city of London anyway in a blink of an eye.
I love Organic’s Neil’s Yard and I am thrilled with the flag shop in front of me!



Many soaps and dried flowers were sold at this shop.



Although it is persistent, it is the moment when I was sure that I had already arrived absolutely in London on the second day of arrival. Again the main place is on. Old historical buildings were many and it was a very nice landscape.



The British Museum was so wide that it was difficult in a day to go around to see the whole.




In Buckingham Palace’s guard change ceremony, a soldier sits right in front of you!
Wow, that is amazing!




I also took a subway tube, but the front of the second floor of the bus has a nice view and comfortable.


I stayed in London for only 5 days but it was very fulfilling for me.
The fact that there has been a change in ourselves a bit in the past 5 days is more active than ever and it has a lot of excitement, which is quite useful for our daily lives.

To the contrary, I regret a bit that my English skill is poor so it was difficult for me to have a good conversation. So I am currently studying English though it is now.

Sometimes a travel alone is lonely, but I think it is a good opportunity to look at myself. Although it is a very long distance from Japan, I definitely will try my best to go to London.


Arrange and also to the interior

Arrange and also to the interior

My brooches are not used when reformed, but there are a lot of unique and cute designs that you can use everyday feel free to feel like a patch.

Besides clothes, I can use it in combination as I like bags and caps, so it’s a lot of fun. I am wearing a lot of brooch randomly on a basic and simple back.

Of course also for clothes …


Although it can be casually wearing with casual feeling, it is very fashionable with a sense of luxury with the glow of Swarovski.

It is a lot of fun to reproduce things you carefully watch casually in accessories.


You can also arrange the interior of the room with my favorite design.


When it reflects on the light of the room it glows shining and it is so beautiful that my eyes will surely turn there.

Everything is very concentrated during creation, but when you see the finish, the fatigue blows away at once and makes you smile unexpectedly.

The creation will continue from now on …

I introduce myself

I introduce myself


Hello everyone!

I am creating high quality accessories using Swarovski and special clay. Design is handling unique and cute works.

I making a broach which can be used mainly as a patch sense, but I also make interior goods by arranging it.

Recently I opened wish webshop with etsy so please take a look.

The main work is an office worker, I started making this accessory for 2 years ago because it was a hobby but it was a shop made with the thought that I want to see more people as I make various works .

The point of creation uses many popular and bright ambience colors that make people who use it excited or willing to do it.

I’m thinking of increasing the repertoire little by little, so please do your best.     And occasionally I will also write personal content.

Thank you